WooCommerce Email Marketing Automation – Sell More Using WooCommerce Automated Emails [Video]

WooCommerce Email Marketing Automation – Sell More Using WooCommerce Automated Emails

Want to boost your WooCommece store’s sales with WooCommerce automated emails?

Do it the easy way, do it the Fluent way! FluentCRM is a native WordPress email marketing plugin that integrates with WooCommerce automatically and makes WooCommerce email marketing automation a breeze.

After finishing this video, you’ll get a basic idea of setting up email marketing for your WooCommerce store and send out WooCommerce marketing emails the automated way!

In this video:
Lead generation for WooCommerce email marketing using FluentCRM 00:24
WooCommerce customer segmentation 01:04
Onboarding new customers with WooCommerce automated emails 02:24
Upselling/cross-selling products through automated WooCommerce follow up emails 03:03
And more…!

FluentCRM is an email marketing automation plugin that allows you to collect leads, segment them into lists and tags, and communicate with them frequently through email campaigns, email sequences, and marketing automation.

When you connect FluentCRM with your WooCommerce store, you can get the following benefits:

Forms & WooCommerce Email Subscription Checkbox for lead generation
360 contact overview of WooCommerce Customers
Easy WooCommerce customer segmentation with flexible tagging
Send Email marketing campaigns with ease
Set up email marketing automation funnels when customers place or complete orders, asks for refunds or changes the order status
Built-in analytics for better tracking and conversion optimization

And there’s more:

Say goodbye to any expensive email marketing platforms and watch your WooCommerce revenue skyrocket with FluentCRM!

Get FluentCRM Pro now:


Try free:

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