Why Brands Must Embrace Marketing Automation and Technology [Video]

Why Brands Must Embrace Marketing Automation and Technology

Roshni Wijayasinha from Prosh Marketing explains what it takes to be a successful marketer and share the latest must-know trends and tips for entrepreneurs and small business owners.

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Data Prep and Ingestion in Adobe's Experience Platform (AEP) | Softcrylic [Video]

AEP is a schema-based platform which means that data prep is not as simple as mapping tables from your Datawarehouse to it. The process to ideate, plan, prep and ingest is a lengthy but extremely crucial steps to guarantee a successful foundation to unlock the power of AEP. In this webinar, we will walk you through the lessons we learned when it comes to planning what data to bring into the platform, the type of prep and ETL needed and the handful of gotchas that you should watch out for. We will have our talented enterprise architect, digital strategist and data architect to discuss this topic and answer any questions you might have.Related Videos:Adobe Experience Platform: A Deep Look Inside: Architecture for Now and the Future: Sports and AEP: Related Service OfferingsMarketing Technology Implementation Services: Marketing Support Services: out our Adobe Platform Partnership here: out our Adobe Platform Partnership here:—————————————————————————Engage with us on social mediaLinkedin:—————————————————————————#AEP #DataIngestion #AdobeExperiencePlatform