Why and How to Collect Email Addresses [Video]

Remember when communication and correspondence was so slow that the term “snail mail” fit perfectly? That was a time when waiting for at least a week for correspondence to arrive was considered quite reasonable – quick, even. As a communication method, it was, by standards of that time, considered to be fast.

And then e-mail came.

Along with the rise of internet, the usage of e-mail also became pronounced. It has proven to be a much faster (you’re sending and receiving messages in real time!) and significantly more efficient mode of communication. Soon, email communication is no longer limited to the exchange of personal messages, as business correspondence also found its way to using email.

This guide dives into 1) the role of email, 2) advantages of email in business, 3) reasons for collecting emails, and 4) ways to collect emails effecively.


Email, or electronic mail, has certainly changed the way we communicate, and …

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