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what is remarketing audience in ga4 | Google analytics 4 | web analytics [Video]

what is remarketing audience in ga4 | Google analytics 4 | web analytics

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what is remarketing audience in ga4 | Google analytics 4 | web analytics

Hello dear
I am Rahul Mondal, expert in Facebbok ads, facebook onversion api, google tag manager, ga4, ga4 serversite tracking enhanced ecommerce tracking.

If you need this service you can hire me
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whatsapp – +918514973012

My expertise is Google tag manager, Facebook Advertising, GA4, Enhanced ecommerce tracking, Facebook API conversion, Facebook Shop and Catalog set up, Google Ads conversion Tracking etc.

🔘🔘🔘🔘Facebook Advertising🔘🔘🔘🔘

➤Create, Set up and manage your campaign
➤Create saved, custom, lookalike audience
➤Catalog, Collection, Carousel ads create
➤Retargeting Ads campaign
➤Dynamic Ads set creation
➤TOFU(Top of the Funnel)
➤MOFU(Middle of the Funnel)
➤BOFU(Bottom of the Funnel)
➤Go through a funnelling
➤ Reporting

►►►►►Google Analytics 4(GA4), GA4 Serversite Tracking◄◄◄◄◄

🔘Create Google tag manager and GA4 account
🔘Internal traffic block for best reporting
🔘Google signal enable for personalised Ads
🔘Migrate from Universal Analytics to GA4
🔘Enhanced ecommerce tracking
🔘GA4 server site tracking
🔘Conversion tracking set up
🔘Remarketing audience set up for Google Ads
🔘Cross-domain tracking
🔘Set up page view, AddToCart, Checkout, View content, Purchase, Lead form, Phone, email,Subscription, outbound link, WP 7 form

➤➤➤➤➤Facebook Conversion API◄◄◄◄◄

✅ Install Facebook Pixel
✅ Facebook Conversion AP set up
✅ Facebook Event Tracking Through GTM
✅ Domain verification

✅ Facebook Event Tracking Through GTM
✅ Google Analytics
✅ Server site tracking With GA4
✅ Event Match Quality
✅ Page view, view content, AddToCart, Checkout, Purchase event set up
✅ Google tag manager
✅ Fixing Pixel Errors
✅ Event De-duplication

If you have any queries as well as to get qualityfull service done completely, then invite me for an interview and video call.

Rahul Mondal

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