What is Dark Social? [Video]

What is Dark Social?

🏴‍☠️ Dark Social

Sounds spooky and mysterious, but it couldn’t be any further from the truth.

Shout out and thanks to Sam Kuehnle from Refine Labs for helping us shed some light on the subject.



The easiest way when you think of dark social is all of the activity that happens on the path to purchase.

You can’t track with something like a cookie, a script, or a martech platform, so to go up a level from it.

And the easiest way to think about it was to take off your marketer, sales, whatever hat.

The last time that you purchase something major for work.

What led you to that decision?

Was it a thought leader who mentioned something in a podcast or video that you watched?

Was that video and distribute organically on social by someone?

Did you watch it a handful of months ago?

and then you remember that brand once you finally felt the pain of, Oh yeah, I remember they can fix that thing that I’m feeling right now.

Let me go, check them out, or kind of on the word of mouth trend that we were talking about earlier where you have a colleague or a community and they’ve shared recommendations on Slack over Zoom, a text, something like that.

So the easiest way that I like to think about it is it’s word of mouth in the digital era.

So thinking about what you should always just be verbal when you meet face to face.

We now just have digital communication tools that are that are replacing some of that as we broaden all of the people that we communicate with every day.

That’s a great way to simply break that down.


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