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Video Marketing Blaster vs Videly – Rank Video on Youtube [Video]

Video Marketing Blaster vs Videly – Rank Video on Youtube

Video Marketing Blaster vs Videly – Rank Video on Youtube.
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Videly is a video marketing tool that will help you rank videos at the top of search engines. The process is laid out for you step by step so it’s very simple to use and it’s cloud based, so you don’t need to download any software unlike Video Marketing Blaster (same software, but Windows based).
The Main NEW features of Videly over VMB:
🚀 Rewritten from the ground up with state of the art technologies and A.I.
🚀 A 100% Cloud-based app that works on any device
🚀 Gather long tail buyer keywords from 8 different sources (YouTube, YouTube competitors, Google, Bing, Amazon, Ebay, Pinterest, Yahoo)
🚀 Get estimated Monthly Volume for the top 10 keywords
🚀 View interest over time for your search terms
🚀 Get estimated views per month and other statistics for the main keyword you are researching
🚀 Automatically generate video details from multiple templates
🚀 Target up to 5 different keywords with 1 single title/description
🚀 Generate multiple video details at the same time
🚀 View keyword density and number of words for the description
🚀 1-Click to change entire sentences in your descriptions to improve SEO
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