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Video Marketing: A free, customized 30 second commercial [Video]

Video Marketing: A free, customized 30 second commercial Call 07707178757

Want more of your website visitors to actually contact and even buy from you?

How to achieve that is the biggest challenge for small businesses that don’t have unlimited marketing budgets and huge teams of content writers and marketing experts. As a small business owner for many years, I also know that the ‘content and marketing team’ is sometimes just one person – often just YOU the owner!

Having struggled with this, I want to help you attract genuine customers (who will make a purchase) as easily and cheaply as possible

Think its expensive?

Well, in exchange for your honest feedback, I’ll create a short, powerful video ad – for free – to use anywhere you want

I want to show you how to grab the visitor’s attention in a few seconds and keep it long enough to get them interested in what you are offering

So how do you grab attention?
Using great videos to promote your products and services will lead to more customers

But not just any type of video will work. Most businesses use testimonial videos or explainer videos which can help customers to get a good feeling. But,that’s not going to get them to take action

64% of customers say they have made a purchase after watching a video ad

Use your video ad to show a valuable offer within the first 15 seconds and many of your visitors will take action – and become your customer – get them to pick up the phone and call you or make an appointment

Use a testimonial from a real customer in the ad and many of your customers will buy the offer

You can use also deploy video ads to very cost effectively drive customers to your website, Forget endess social posting and SEO – just get sales fast!

That fact is – your website visitors simply prefer video over any other type of content. Videos deliver specific information about your offer in a short visual narrative that engages the viewer and is more memorable because people remember a story (even when it’s presented as an offer)

And you’ll get the power of networking – people say they’re twice as likely to share it with friends

Ready to increase sales? Here’s your chance

I want to help you experience the power of video and how it attracts more paying customers

But my team’s time is limited, I can only give away a few spots at a time

Contact me, or visit my website and we’ll start working on your brand new video Ad right away

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Intelligence: Leveraging Social Media For Customer Acquisition [Video]

The Philippines is still one of the top countries on social media, clocking in at 76 million users this year. Time spent daily on social media also soared in the Philippines, with the country spending the most time checking their accounts at 4 hours and 12 minutes, the fourth straight year its topped the list. Were also apparently on our phones a lot: 67 percent of online Filipinos access social media on their phone, higher than the global average of 42 percent.

Video Marketing

YouTube Marketing Hero - Build a Top YouTube Channel - learn Video & Mobile Marketing [Video]

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Video Marketing

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