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URGENT IOS 15 Email Marketing UPDATE 2021- What to do next? [Video]

URGENT IOS 15 Email Marketing UPDATE 2021- What to do next?

URGENT IOS 15 Email Marketing UPDATE 2021- What to do next?

Digital marketing is taking a big hit with new privacy releases,

and that is the same for email marketing.

With the new iOS 15 update, you will no longer be able to accurately track

your open rates, a/b test subject lines, or track activity easily of your users.

Users want to be protected and this update ensures that.

However, for marketers, this makes email marketing harder to measure.

You can still segment your list based on clicks and see who is engaging

with your content.

This is one way to track the effectiveness of your email content.

I would say you want to write emails that evoke emotion,

encourage replies, and speak to your target market effectively.

Being personal, emotional, and helpful will allow your email marketing

to stay effective.

Also adjusting your benchmarks to instead focus more on clicks and replies rather than a specific open rate.

More email platforms most likely will adopt this in the future as well impacting all of email marketing, and potentially making the open rate obsolete.

Apple has put its foot down and now for iOS

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