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Trive partners with BrandOpus to deliver a new dynamic and disruptive brand identity system. Marketing Communication News [Video]

Trive is a next generation, multi-asset investment platform for people who want to go above and beyond. It has partnered with BrandOpus, a brand design partnership, to develop a new brand identity system that will set it apart from peers and facilitate the company’s vision of attracting investors with some trading experience, who are ready to take it to the next level. 

In an ever-growing industry, with little to no differentiators, Trive brings complex and sophisticated global investment products to an easy-to-use platform. BrandOpus created a new brand for Trive that aims to be disruptive whilst driving a story that would change the minds of the target audience.  

Leaning on the insight that trading is a form of entrepreneurialism for the target audience, BrandOpus based the brand narrative of ‘never standing still’ around the opportunity for Trive to develop, progress and evolve. An idea that reflects a state of constant motion and adaptability. 

The new brand identity and visual system …

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