Time to Update Your B2B Company’s Recognition Strategy? [Video]

Time to Update Your B2B Company’s Recognition Strategy?

Want to avoid the battle between sales and marketing? Start with recognition.

This clip is originally from Mezzanine’s June 2022 webinar, “How to Create a B2B Sales Pipeline that Converts (in today’s market!)”. You can watch the full webinar, here:

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Mezzanine B2B Growth Agents works with senior leaders in manufacturing, technology, and business services companies to generate leads, accelerate sales pipelines, and build internal capabilities.

Through advisory and hands-on support, we deliver immediate impact with marketing and lead generation programs while developing your people, processes and technology through our proven framework.

Since 2005 Mezzanine’s award-winning process has helped over 250 B2B leaders create powerful growth engines and increase their company’s sales pipeline by an average of 150%.

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Crafting Insurance Social Media Content That Sells | 20 Minute Marketing Webinar [Video]

The average person spends an estimated 2.5 hours a day on social media, with over 80% of the U.S. population having an active social media account. That creates a great opportunity for independent insurance agencies to find and attract their audiences with creative content. In this webinar, Chelsea shares BrightFire’s recipe for social media success! You’ll not only learn how to determine what type of content your audience wants to see but also how to craft compelling content that leads to more prospects for your insurance agency. Watch the full 20 Minute Marketing Webinar at: