The power of Workflows in Zoho Marketing Automation [Video]

The power of Workflows in Zoho Marketing Automation

In this video, I talk to you about the power of workflows in the Zoho Marketing Automation. Now that you have all your CRM leads/contacts in Zoho Marketing Automation, how do you create workflows to move data around, put leads/contacts into marketing journeys, use webhooks to push data from zMH into Zoho Flow or Zapier, update data, push data back to CRM. I created a flow chart of all these components and I show you how the components relate, and how to setup workflows form many use cases. If you are interested in workflow creation, this video helps you to conceptualize the related processes.

In this Zoho Marketing Automation video webinar, our experts walk you through:

Why you may want to create marketing workflows
How to create marketing workflows
Use Zoho CRM data and apply workflows to automate your marketing strategy
How workflows can be used for list management
How workflows can be used for entry triggers on Marketing Automation Journeys
Create criteria for applying workflows
What workflow actions are available
Update product audience fields / levels
Add audience to product
Remove leads from list
Add leads to list
Send email
Push data to Zoho CRM
Update fields
Add Score
Assign Tags
Remove Tags
Add webhook
We discuss using webhooks
Using webhooks to send data to Zoho Flow
Using webhooks to send data to Zapier
Send data or create users in Shopify, create users in WordPress

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This week's episode is all about marketing automation & AI. I'm joined by Andrew Stockwell, Chief Commercial Officer at RedEye, a business specialising in multi-channel marketing automation specifically designed for retailers, travel and financial, B2C lifecycle marketing.Marketing Automation has developed a huge amount in recent years. There's now so much you can automate. With that being said, you want to start simple and don't try to automate every single task. It's important to think about your objective and what you want to achieve before doing so.We speak about the tasks you can automate as an SME straight away such as a welcome campaign, basket abandonment campaigns and specialised messages through identifying key customer groups. These three marketing automation tasks will help you get ahead of your marketing.Once you have marketing automation tasks in place you can see how they're performing and run tests. This will give you data that you can analyse. You now have a platform to start developing from where you can see what is working and what's not. From this, you can determine where you invest your time.Stay safe and enjoy the episode.Massive shout out to our sponsor - Campaign Refinery - Website: Apple Podcasts - Google Podcasts - Spotify Podcasts - Stitcher - Facebook - Twitter - Instagram -