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The Future of Finance & Social Enterprise on the Good Future Podcast [Video]

with John Treadgold, Good Future Podcast

Ep. #232 of The Social Entrepreneurship & Innovation Podcast

Sustainable impact investing is one way for businesses to have financial gains and positively impact social and environmental issues at the same time.

John Treadgold is a sustainable investment expert and the Founder and host of the Good Future podcast. Good Future highlights business leaders in sustainable, ESG (Environmental, Social and Governance), and impact investing who are re-defining economics and building companies as a force for good. 

John’s mission is to reboot finance and economics to serve people and the planet better. For him, this is something that, no matter how the economy ebbs and flows or how the challenges, pivots, and strategies of an organization change, their mission stays solid. 

John is also a writer and an independent communication and strategy consultant who helps investors and businesses identify the emerging opportunities for sustainable investing. 

In today’s episode, John shares how the entire field of ESG and sustainable finance are …

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