The Best Digital Marketing Tools for Small Businesses [Video]

The Best Digital Marketing Tools for Small Businesses

The Best Digital Marketing Tools for Small Businesses
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1. eCommerce Tools
As a business owner, you’re probably familiar with the phrase ecommerce.
If not, e-commerce refers to electronically buying or selling products over the internet.

1.2. Shopify
1.3. Squarespace
1.4. Oberlo
Orbelo is a great option if you’re into dropshipping.

2. Marketing Automation Tools
Marketing automation tools and platforms are designed to make marketing more effective.

2.1. Hubspot
2.2. Zapier
2.3. Power Automate
2.4. Pardot

3. Collaboration Tools
Collaboration tools support a group of people in achieving their common goal.

3.1. Slack
3.2. Dropbox
3.3. Google Drive
3.4. MS Teams
3.5. Trello

4. Online Branding Tools
Consistent branding can increase your revenue by up to 23%.
Your business’s branding evolves, and so does the technology you use to create it.

4.1. Rebrandly
4.2. WiseStamp
4.3. PixelLogo
4.4. Mention

5. Design and Imagery Tools
Graphic design is one of the most important aspects that affect user interaction.

5.1. Canva
5.2. Lumen5
5.3. Piktochart
5.4. InVision

6. Blogging Tools
Blogging is still the most effective content marketing tool — companies who blog generate around 67% more leads.

6.1. WordPress
6.2. Grammarly
6.3. BuzzSprout
6.4. Medium

7. Website Design Tools
Your website design has a huge impact on your entire digital marketing strategy!

7.1. Optimizely
7.2. JotForm
7.3. Sleeknote
7.4. Sumo
7.5. Unbounce

8. Analytics Tools
Digital marketing analytics give you a way to assess your business’ progress.

8.1. Google Analytics
8.2. ClickMeter
8.3. Heap

9. Social Media Management Tools
There are 3.78 billion social media users worldwide, making it an essential part of any online business and its marketing strategy.

9.1. Buffer
9.2. MeetEdgar
9.3. SocialPilot
9.4. Crowdfire

10. SEO Tools
Search Engine Optimization (SEO) can help you to build a better relationship with your audience.
Google is responsible for 70% of all global search traffic, so following SEO best practices can give you an edge over your competition.

10.1. Google SEO Tools
10.2. CopyScape
10.3. Ahrefs Webmaster
10.4. GTMetrix

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On Monday, September 28th, 2020 the Lewis College of Business and Brad D. Smith Schools of Business in association with the Brad D. Smith Business Incubator and the Center for Entrepreneurship and Innovation (iCenter) hosted the seventh virtual webinar of the Herd Insights Small Business Webinar series. The webinar was titled “The New Decade of Marketing” and featured Kipp Bodnar, HubSpot Chief Marketing Officer, and Marshall University Alumnus. The conversation was facilitated by Dr. Ben Eng, Associate Professor of Marketing and Entrepreneurship and Tricia Ball, Executive Director of the iCenter, and Associate Director of the Brad D. Smith Business Incubator and iCenter.Dr. Eng introduced Kipp Bondar as a graduate of Marshall University majoring in public relations and the CMO of HubSpot, a company known for empowering businesses with inbound marketing technology. Kipp Bodnar reflected on his Marshall University experience and his major learning that having a strong conviction can lead to success. In Bondar’s case, it was the internet and its marketing application. Tricia Ball led the conversation of the New Decade of Marketing where Kipp discussed inbound marketing, effective content creation, and the emerging marketing strategy called product-led growth. Afterward, Kipp answered questions from students, small business owners, and local government officials. When asked about marketing in the state of West Virginia and helping attract and retain young entrepreneurs, Kipp said, “West Virginia is awesome. It has so much to offer the world. It’s got four great quadrants of opportunity—two great universities, a great industrial and manufacturing worker base, supply for businesses, and great tourism. West Virginia has the opportunity to have a really remarkable next 100 years if it chooses to.”