How To Prioritize Your Projects (And Get More Done) | PM72 Summit [Video]

📚 Download FREE Resources from the session:- Project Prioritization Cheatsheet 👉 The Ultimate Guide to Product Prioritization 👉 a project manager, you know that juggling multiple projects can be challenging.It’s important to prioritize them so that you can focus on the most important ones first.But where do you start?In this talk, you will learn about the best prioritization framework for your projects, how to use them and when. But not only that! You will also learn to create your prioritization method with factors unique to your project.—🤔 Why Should you watch:You will learn about frameworks that will help maximize project valueand how to create a custom weighted prioritization framework.—📝 Speaker’s Bio:Nikki, product manager and co-founder at Jexo is on the mission to make project management in Jira accessible to everyone.—About Jexo:🏅 We are Atlassian Silver Marketplace Partners👇🏻 We build Jira Cloud apps to contribute to the growth of the Atlassian community.— Connect with us:🖊 Our blog:📲 We tweet!:🤓 LinkedIn:🤳🏻Instagram: