Recorded Webinar: Grow Your First time Homebuyer Business (November 2021) [Video]

You know saving for a down payment is one of your buyers’ biggest obstacles. What if you could be a homeownership hero and show them there’s help available for down payment and closing costs? We’ll show you how to start a conversation with more buyers by highlighting information about down payment programs in your marketing, website and social media. You’ll also learn how Down Payment Resource’s agent tool, Down Payment Connect, can match your clients to down payment programs in your market and generate leads right to your inbox.For more information on upcoming webinars, please visit our website at

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The Best Real Geeks Facebook Ads and Script Talk #realestate #facebook #crm #realgeeks [Video]

Real Geeks has changed our business and has empowered our agent to sell like never before. Check Out the Facebook Ad performance! They have video messaging, which allows us to get up close and build rapport fast. The AI helps stay in contact even when we are out on appointments. Check it out: you are looking for the BEST CRM, Lead Gen, Website, AI, Numbers Tracking, FB and Google Ads Providing, Blasting Software out there, then look no further, Real Geeks is the Answer, check it out you find these videos helpful and awesome, please share them. Help us build our community and spread the word. It is so appreciated!Our community is everything to us and we want to hear from YOU! Please check out our new BREPM Gear Store where you’ll find a great variety of some awesome merge ranging from breakthrough real estate property management gear, to handyman gear to our new fashion line. final link here: become a patron on Patreon, you’ll get access to behind the scenes meetings, seminars, training, you get even more merch, meetups, and coaching for me. Check out the link here:Don’t miss any of our past episodes here,: us out on:Facebook: Real Estate & Property Management is always looking for a highly motivated, customer service oriented Agents. If you are a Realtor who wants to be the breakthrough in our industry don’t hesitate to give us a call 602-938-5415Breakthrough Handyman Services is always looking for great handyman, we work Valley wide and are the best in the industry. Also call the office at 602-938-5415If you are an owner or an investor, we would love to manage your properties, learn about our 3 Pillars and our Breakthrough Method of Property Management. We will also help you find the best investment properties around Arizona. Don’t hesitate to give us a call 602-938-5415Please like and subscribe to our channel, you’ll love what we have coming up!