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How to Make People Love Your Sales Pitch [Video]

👉 [Free] Video Marketing Guides here: 👈 Right and wrong way to pitch in your videos or otherwise.Make these changes and start getting better conversions.But first let’s dissect why most pitches fail. And why people hate them.The answer is really simple.Most pitches break the number 1 rule of persuasion (Robert Cialdini).And that is reciprocity.In other words, most people ask before they give in their pitch.This leaves them in debt to the receiver (the prospect).No one likes to be owed something.So it’s a terrible way of starting a relationship with someone you want to do business with.This video shows how to frame your videos in such a way that they do most of the giving for you. So that when you do ask/pitch, it comes from a place of giving. Not taking.It might sound like woo woo, but it’s not.It’s basic human psychology and it’s powerful.Implement this in your future videos and you’ll start seeing a difference.I’ll leave a link in the description showing how you can even do this with just one video.I’ve been using this same video for the last 4 years and it still drives conversions.In the free guide, I’ve shown how you can make and implement this video yourself.Also refer to my Linkedin featured section for more such free guides.#DigitalMarketing#SocialEntrpreneurship#ContentMarketingLinks~~~Here are some other useful video marketing guides:Learn how to make up to 6 months of video content in one day of filming: to Make a Video That Sells Your Service Daily: Ways to Make Your Company Video Do the Selling for You on All Platforms Much Does It Cost to Make a Video Videos Every Service Business Needs managers: Use these 4 videos to build a talent pool of high quality candidates to Reduce Staff Downtime by Using Video in Your Onboarding Process to Instantly 10X Your Video Quality – With the Camera You Already Have with us here too:Linkedin:

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Why Auto Repair Shop Marketing Does NOT Have to Suck [Video]

With many independent repair shop owners truly wanting to repair & service vehicles really well, sometimes marketing isn’t high on the list as a priority. For most, marketing really does suck, even with attempts at trying to get it right. Money seems to be wasted & nothing seems to work. As a part of our 2022 ASCCA Industry Series, this segment covers some of the critical areas to focus on with marketing as Mike De La Cruz of Shop Boss & Anthony Mercury of Auto Shop Solutions stop by to discuss.Auto Shop Solutions Info: Boss Pro Info: support our great sponsors who help us keep our show innovative & informative & the lights on ! Direct Mail ~ MAIL SHARK➡️ Products ➡️ Technology ~ Digital Inspections ➡️ Parts Authority Collision Auto Glass & Tint Auto Parts Live Every Wednesday @ 4pm MST on 88.7 The Pulse – the replay on Saturdays at 9am on Independent Talk 1100 KFNX – us anytime on:iTunes podcast – Play Podcast – Nation Website – THE WRENCH NATION TRIBE HERE: with us on FaceBook:———–FOLLOW WRENCH NATION -Twitter: increase car count