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The New Paradigm in Business Automation | Phone – SMS – Reviews – Listing [Video]

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Marketing Automation [Video]

When prospects say ‘no,’ many are really saying ‘not yet!’. But how do you stay on their radar until they are ready to buy, or consider your offer?🛎 In this episode, serial entrepreneur and hall-of-fame speaker, Randall Craig puts a spotlight on one of themost powerful, yet least understood marketing techniques ou there. Marketing automation.About CraigRandall is a serial entrepreneur, coaches CEOs on scaling their business, and leads the Braintrust Professional Institute. He shares his unique perspective through his eight books (one a best seller), 600+ articles, podcasts, keynote speeches, virtual presentations, and advisory relationships. He has helped global organizations solve their toughest problems, and helped many innovators scale. Randall serves on both corporate and not-for-profit boards, and frequently appears as an expert in the media. He has earned an FCMC, CFA, MBA, CSP, and a Black Belt in Karate. Randall has also been inducted into the Canadian Speaking Hall of Fame.For more information on Marketing Automation, check out with Check out Randall’s podcast. ‘So Here’s your Challenge’ – https://Podcast.RandallCraig.comNeed to brainstorm aspects of your business? Book your complimentary 30-minute brainstorm with Marc. Schedule a time that works for you at https://meetwith.marchaine.comAuthor, Speaker, Facilitator and Coach, Marc Haine, will help your teams ignite their passions. Working with him, you’ll be able to support your leaders to recentre their focus and drive continuous improvement through connected and engaged employees. You will realize your competitive advantage with a connected purpose and consistency of customer experience across your brand. Tap into Marc’s 35 years of operational excellence experience and imagine a world in which the majority of us put more love and care in being of service. Dare to be the exception™ +1 (780) 729-4932 https://meetwith.marchaine.comMarc@MarcHaine.comHttp:// FB: