EzyTise Sales Marketing Automation Software CRM [Video] – call us at (480) 442-1468email: Are you a Sales Organization or a Local Small Business looking for a Sales Marketing Automation Software?Is your Sales Team frustrated and struggling to “constantly” & “consistently” keep up with their Prospecting Effort?Would you like to build a Predictable Sales Pipeline & Scale your business beyond traditional marketing?If the answer is YES! Then, you need to consider a SMART AI driven Automation System to help streamline your sales process funnel and focus more on executing your prospecting outreach campaigns. By doing so,,, you are allowing yourself and your sales team to focus more on their Revenue Producing Activities and promoting your Unique Selling Proposition without letting any potential qualified lead slip through the cracks. EzyTise, is a Leading & Innovative Sales and Marketing Automation software that will easily help SCALE your prospecting outreach and improve your close rate, saving you time, cost, and headaches.With our all-in-one easy to use platform, we can help businesses  create unlimited marketing campaigns to follow up with their potential customers from: Email & Text Messages follow up Reminders with Call-To-Actions Online calendar schedules CRM to manage their customer base Voice Marketing Messaging Automation Create and host sales conversion funnels to drive traffic by completing a form or survey to capture their information. To be able to automate a multi-communication channel and follow-ups to turn a potential prospect into a lasting, loyal profitable customer.With our Easy-To-Use State-Of-The-Art and Leading Automation Software System, EzyTise can help you: • Automate up to 90% of Tedious Prospecting Tasks and Effort• Boost Sales & Increase Close Rate from an average of 10% to up to 80%• Lead Nurture Consistency and Discipline in Follow-Ups with new leads• SCALE New Business Acquisition with higher retention• AI Workflow Management & Online Appointment Scheduling• Saves Time so Sales Professionals can focus on their Revenue Producing Activities• Target Segmentation to increase CONVERSION rate• Lead Qualification Surveys and Sales Conversion Funnels• Automate and Manage Reputation Campaigns with Google-My-Business integration• Easy to Implement with an All-in-One Unified Platform With our battle-tested Software, we at Ezytise have helped many businesses like yours, achieving high reviews and high customer satisfaction. So are you ready to grow your sales revenue exponentially with our affordable All-in-One Sales & Marketing Automation Software, capable of managing all ways of communication? So, what are you waiting for?Don’t let this opportunity pass by – Visit to schedule your LIVE demo today.Visit us at #marketingautomation #crmsoftware #salesautomation