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Enable your Sales team with the latest technology | Lucas Perret (Sales Ops Manager – Lemlist) [Video]

Lucas Perret describes himself as “a guy obsessed with tech and ways it solves business problems”.He believes people should spend all of their time on meaningful activities such as building relationships with others, and I couldn’t agree more. The vast majority of salespeople’s time is spent on low-value activities.As Sales Operations Manager at lemlist, Lucas spends his time building efficient revenue-generating systems and go-to-market plays so that his team can focus on doing what they do best.I recommend watching this episode in video format because Lucas gives an amazing demonstration involving LinkedIn Sales Navigator, lemlist, and Humantic AI.In this episode we discuss:- The importance of combining hard and soft skills- How to pull contact lists from LinkedIn in seconds- Personalising your outreach with DISC profiling- Visual demo of tools and techniques- What the 2020s hold in store for Sales & MarketingLIKE and SUBSCRIBE if you enjoyed this episode.Connect with Mark Bangs on LinkedIn: with Lucas Perret on LinkedIn: free trial: AI free trial:

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Paid Digital Marketing Vs Influencer Marketing (Part1) | | Khizer Ahmed | Startup Founders | #shorts [Video]

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Young Thug Teases New Mixtape “I Came From Nothing 4” [Video]

Young Thug has become quite active on Snapchat in the past few months, the platform has become one of the mostimportant marketing tools for an artist, giving inquiring fans a look into daily lives of celebrities and, beyond that, makes the fan feel personally connected with the artist. The rapper has been cleaning up his act all around though, including his outside appearance (hair to teeth), as he readies himself to become a mainstream force we saw recentvideo clip from CNBCs Follow the Leader where label head Lyor Cohen and Thugger get into a heated debate over Thuginsisting he wants ten #1 singles and Lyor encouraging him to finish his songs properly.