How to do Business with the City: Projects with the City of Colorado Springs, Pikes Peak Small Business Development Center at Online/Virtual Space, Classes & Workshops [Video]

Wondering how to do business with the City of Colorado Springs?

Email Marketing

Workshop Week – Email Marketing Automations that Drives User Engagement – Jone Jonikaite – 01 [Video]

Workshop Week Recordings Are Here! And it’s here to help you SKILL UP on a variety of topics and tools from “How to use Canva like a professional” to “How to Make Press Releases” and many more! All to help you achieve your professional goals.The topic of this workshop is: “Email marketing automations that drives user engagement”. The speaker – Jone Jonikaite – is the Email Marketing Manager @Kilo.Health. Her goal is to drive revenue from email marketing channels and build email automations that create value for our customers.Jone’s message to you: In this workshop, we will learn how to build winning email automations, maintain a healthy subscriber list and deliver emails directly to the email inbox. Enjoy the Workshop :))R22