et catalyse: ET Catalyse – Episode 20: Has performance-led digital marketing killed creativity? – The Economic Times Video [Video]

In the latest episode of ET Catalyse 2.0, FMCG marketers address the polarising question – Is increasing focus on ROI and performance marketing killing the opportunity for creative and memorable advertising?. Deepak Ajwani, Editor at ET Digital; speaks to Damyant Singh Khanoria, Chief Marketing Officer at Oppo India; and Vineet Sharma, VP – Marketing & New Business Development, South Asia at AB Inbev India; on their take on the role of creativity in todays advertising landscape, and the consequences of having an ROI focussed approach in marketing. ET Catalyse provides a platform for in-depth conversations and associations with some of the most notable names in advertising, marketing, technology, and digital media.