simple marketing automation review is this another SCAM??? [Video]

simple marketing automation review is this another SCAM???

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this video is full simple marketing automation review and i make sure i made it different from other simple marketing automation you would find under internet
absolutely! Simple marketing automation was designed to help you create engagement-boosting, sales-surging, profit-making bots for both YOU AND clients. With your unlimited commercial licence included, you can make bots for hungry clients and keep 100% of the profit!

simple marketing automation will help you engage your prospects with real time conversation, personalization and fun. Building trust, rapport and treating each one of your visitors like a person and not just a statistics…
it will help you gather important data that can help guide future marketing decisions such as campaign spending, strategies etc.
AI Marketing is the process of integrating machine learnings and algorithms to produce operational efficiency and improve customer experience.
By using artificial intelligence or AI, marketers can gain a more comprehensive insight into their target audiences, boost their campaigns’ performance and conversions with little to no effort involved. Module 1 will focus on the
origin of AI and why you should use it in your marketing.

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