Simple Marketing Automation Review, Bonuses, Demo: Build a List of 150,000 Subscribers Using AI [Video]

Simple Marketing Automation Review, Bonuses, Demo: Build a List of 150,000 Subscribers Using AI

Get Simple Marketing Automation with EXCLUSIVE Bonuses

Fast Action Bonuses:
Bonus #1: Email List Management Secrets
Bonus #2: Easy List Hack Secrets
Bonus #3: The Complete Internet Marketing Strategy

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Simple Marketing Automation:
Build a List of Over 150,000 Subscribers Using AI Technology.
ARTIFICIAL INTELLIGENCE bots can engage your prospects with real time conversation, personalization and fun. Building trust, rapport and treating each one of your visitors like a person and not just a statistic.
This training will cover all the things you need to know about how to use AI to your advantage in marketing and sales. You will get a complete e-book that will explain everything you need to achieve this in a simple step by step very easy to follow way.
Here’s exactly what you will get in the main training!
MODULE #1: Intro to A.I. Marketing & Sales
MODULE #2: Uses of AI in Marketing & Sales
MODULE #3: Real Usage Examples and Tools
• Chatbots
• Increased ROI
• Personalized Content
• Make Decisions Faster
• Improved Reporting and Measurement
• Machine Learning in PPC Advertising
• Copywriting
• AI Dynamic Pricing
• Web Page Personalization
• Content Curation and Generation
• Speech Recognition for “Voice Shopping
Along with the full 3 part training you will also receive
• Image’s
• Video’s
• E-Cover’s
• sales E-Mails’s
• 50+ DFY Cash Automator
• 101 Fill-In The-Blanks Email Subject Line Templates
• 50 Fully Mobile Responsive Capture Page Templates
• 30 Email Newsletters

Simple Marketing Automation Review, Bonuses, Demo: Build a List of 150,000 Subscribers Using AI
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