Seven Myths of Email Marketing [Video]

Do you conduct email marketing campaigns or have you completely shifted to social media marketing?

Many marketers swear by the power and effectiveness of social media marketing. As much as they’re not wrong, email still has a place in the marketing field.

It may seem old-fashioned in this age of instant messaging and social media influencers.

However, emails are still being used for communication. As such, marketing can be done through them.

A big challenge is all the negative talk about how ineffective email marketing is. It’s said that it takes too much effort, emails have low open rates, you never get to know whether the email was received etc.

Are these claims true? And if they are, are there any benefits which can encourage you to overlook them?


This article looks at some of the most common statements said about email marketing. You may be familiar with some or all of them and maybe desire to know just what …

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