RTILA Review & Tutorial with Trevor: Growth Hacking, Web Scrapping & Marketing Automation [Video]

RTILA Review & Tutorial with Trevor: Growth Hacking, Web Scrapping & Marketing Automation

In this video Trevor who is an expert with RTILA will share basic fundamental overview, provide a walk-through example of a example scrape, answer frequently asked questions on RTILA, scrapping and automation in general.

In the webinar we also have Sarang, Sam and Alston who various levels of experiences in web scrapping and marketing automation.

Disclaimer: The video content has been made available for informational and educational purposes only.

00:00 Introduction & background
09:03 What will we cover in this video?
11:31 Example: How to scrape Amazon products
12:54 RTILA app overview
15:09 How to create a project?
17:06 Setting up scrape in RTILA
19:14 RTILA inspect: properties & automation
34:04 Run or start extraction process
34:51 View extracted data
38:20 RTILA advanced settings during scrape or monitoring or automation
44:53 How to extract details inside post and handle pagination?
51:47 Can we use RTILA extract Google My Business profile details with the rating?
53:13 Does RTILA support proxies for heavy scrapping?
54:10 Does RTILA can solve captcha protection & ReCaptcha or spam preventive measures?
54:38 Does RTILA support all kinds of different types of pagination and navigation?
57:08 Can we scrape or create automation for websites that require login?
59:12 How does RTILA handle scheduled automation?
01:01:24 Does RTILA only able to extract data, or can we create data-less automation too?
01:03:40 RTILA shareable public projects (Recipes)
01:04:28 Can RTILA scrape anything on the internet?
01:06:41 What is the coolest extraction Trevor has done with RTILA?
01:10:13 Do we require proxies, and what types are best?
01:12:45 Can we use VPN with RTILA?
01:14:14 Shared proxies, private proxies, VPN & residential proxies for automation
01:15:56 Conclusion

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