Reaching Health, Fitness, & Finance Consumers [Video]

In this recording of our live webinar, “The Power of Creative: Reaching Consumers in Health, Fitness, & Finance”, you’ll learn what it takes to connect with consumers in these markets. We dive into creating a strategy backed by real data, implementing a diverse testing strategy, staying on top of your creative performance, and more. Watch the full webinar here:

What You’ll Learn:

  • How to trigger the right emotional connection with your audience
  • What buyers in sensitive and complex verticals are looking for
  • The growing role of creative in competitive digital landscapes
  • Optimizing creatives for every social media platform
  • Why data should be the backbone of your campaign
  • Which industries require a new marketing perspective
  • How to let target audiences know you’re the one

The Expert Panelists:

  • Noa Miller | Creative Strategy Lead, yellowHEAD
  • Claudio Franco | CMO, Gympass
  • Dale Sperling | CMO, Stash
  • Krista Neher (moderator) | CEO, Boot Camp Digital
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