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News Corp Australias Claire Bradley on creating engaging content, using it to best effect, and 15 great ideas you can implement now [Video]

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Every agent and every real estate brand knows content helps them build a presence in the marketplace, but when it comes to creating great content, it can be challenging to know where to start or how to find the time.

News Corp Australia’s Claire Bradley is an expert in this space. With 20 years’ experience, she lives and breathes content creation and now heads up a team creating commercial content marketing solutions that help brands engage in a conversation with their prospective customers.

As Claire explains, in this day and age content isn’t just something that’s nice to have. It’s expected, allowing your potential clients to understand who you are, what you do and how you can help them.

In this episode of the Elevate podcast with Cassandra Charlesworth, Claire takes a deep dive into the …

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3 Best Artificial Intelligence Software for Online Content Writing | ai software for content writing [Video]

As technology advances and becomes more affordable, Artificial Intelligence software is one of the top things on every business owner's wishlist. But what exactly is the best Artificial Intelligence software for online content writing? You can tell your readers that you wrote the article all by yourself or use an AI to do it for you. Either way, you won't gain or lose anything, but why not take advantage of the AI technology that's available nowadays? This video will review 3 of the best Artificial Intelligence software that can help you automate your content writing and yet still produce high-quality content at a fast pace. A taste of what Ai can offer and if you're interested then I have included links where to purchase them and easily get started with aiIn today's age of the internet and social media, words are very much important. It can create a sense in our mind which can attract us to any product or service. The words written with a powerful pen will move your senses. These days there is an AI-based software available in the market which can give you an article in only a few minutes. There are lots of companies who are using this tool to write content automatically. Here I have listed top 3 AI tools which will help you easily get quality content on time when you need it.Links for AI software :1) : code: Anyword20 2 ) : jasper: : 00:00 Introduction00:13 anyword 03:10 jasper13:44 copy.aiInstagram ID: chetanpatil_1216Facebook Page: #makemoneyonyoutube #youtubeearnmoney #makemoneyonline #youtubeseotips2022 #earnmoneyonline #copypasteyoutube #youtubeviewskaisebadhaye #earnmoneyonyoutube #paypalmoney #earningapps #earningapp #earningappstoday #youtubesepaisekaisekamaye #workfromhome #digitalmarketing #makemoneyonline #youtubeseo #affiliatmarketing #affiliateprogram

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How is Ranking Different When Comparing PPC vs SEO? | SEO Tips [Video]

In today's Daily SEO Tips video, I'm going to discuss how ranking is different when comparing PPC vs SEO. If you have any SEO questions, make sure to watch one of my other videos for more SEO tips. If you thought this video was helpful, click that subscribe for more SEO tips. #seotips #searchengineoptimization How is ranking different from PPC to SEO? Welcome to Casey's SEO. So there are two different ways that PPC ranking, and SEO is different. The first reason is PPC is all budget based in a way, so the more competitive your keyword is, the more you are going to have to pay in order to rank, let's say, number one or number two on the first page of Google. But there's a little bit more to that.You need an optimized page that goes along with the keywords from the ad in order to get a higher optimization score, which in the long run should bring your PPC clicks and budget down just a little bit to be more optimized. So you cannot just throw out a huge number and expect to be number one on Google. You have to optimize that page and increase your optimization score and a bunch of other little things that a PPC specialist would better explain than me. But now, on the SEO side, in order to rank higher in SEO, you have to optimize the page, you have to have good content, you have back links going to that page, and you have to be an authoritative site in that niche. So there's a little bit more going on with SEO than PPC.So if you want to rank higher in Google, the fastest and easiest way is to create an ad campaign. Create a specific page based on that ad, throw some money at it, and do the recommendations that Google will tell you in order to get a higher score. And that should make you rank higher in Google with the lowest cost, but it will cost compared to SEO. If you're doing it yourself, it will take a lot longer, but in a less competitive niche, you should be able to rank higher quicker. Now, if you are in, let's say, the SEO industry, in order to get one of your pages on the first page of Google, it's going to be very difficult and take a little bit more time.If you would go through and just type in SEO and Google, which is a very generic term, you're going to see companies that have been around for a very long time and have put in a lot of work, and that's just really how it goes. But they should maintain that position for a long time. And if they start to slip a little bit and they can go back and look at what changes they need to make and hopefully bring them back up to where they currently were. So if you guys are looking for fast results, PPC, if you're looking for slower, more consistent results, you can go ahead and look at SEO. So if you guys have any more questions or comments, please let me know.And make sure to hit the subscribe button for more SEO tips.