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Veteran safari guide Russell Gerber leads a virtual adventure to one of the world’s most renowned wildlife destinations, Kruger National Park. Spanning 7,576 square miles, Kruger is one of the largest game reserves in Africa, with the greatest number of large mammal species. Efforts to protect lands along the Sabi River from over-hunting began in 1898, and national park status was declared in 1926. In this broad overview of an African safari icon, learn about the park’s history, conservation challenges and achievements, and Kruger's wide array of animal species (including the famous Big Five, of course). Russell offers travel tips for visiting the Greater Kruger region, which may feel overwhelming at first glance, given how many different reserves (both public and private), and assorted camps and lodges comprise this wide-ranging mosaic of sanctuary lands. Russell has been leading trips inside Kruger National Park since 2004, and his knowledge of its …

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