Mark Kovac: The Analytics of Sales Time Well Spent [Video]

Because the data that sales managers rely upon is self-reported, the resulting insights can often be incomplete. Mark Kovac, a partner with Bain's Customer Strategy & Marketing practice, shares examples of how companies can use software to tap into calendar and email data to identify successful sales behaviors.

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MARK KOVAC: As the saying goes, you can't manage what you can't measure. And for sales managers, this is a particularly acute problem. Much of the data that sales managers rely upon is self-reported, often coming from CRM systems with questionable adoption. This makes the data inherently flawed, and leaves sales managers in the dark about where sales capacity is being invested and what behaviors drive top performance.

For this reason, we've started to use new software that taps into the digital exhaust of calendar and email data. Let me give a couple of examples. The first example is a B2B company that sells basic …

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