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Key Principles of Social Media Marketing Starring Tony Restell [Video]

Key Principles of Social Media Marketing Starring Tony Restell

Welcome to another episode of FCMO Marketing Leadership for Investors in Business and Today we are joined by Tony Restell. He is the founder of Social-hire, A social media agency. He has gained expertise in small business marketing, lead generation, recruitment marketing and social selling.


Tony Restell started his career with cold calling and door-to-door selling in the United States. He has been a strategy consultant for many years. He then went into businesses that soon got him interested in digital marketing.

The principles of social selling.

Tony specified the two broad approaches for social selling:

Building up a massive presence by publishing content on social media platform to be repeatedly seen by your ideal clients. It helps build a connection with the audience to bring the desired result.

Concentrate on the pool of people that you want to build relationships with. You must establish relationships with key executives or the right decision makers each quarter to get enough meetings and turn that into business for you. It’s a numbers game, and it would be best if you start conversations with many of your ideal prospects during a quarter to get the number of meetings and, ultimately, the number of sales.

Tony Restell stated that you have got to create different audiences and put a budget behind testing each of those audiences to find out about the most responsive ones. This needs a massive marketing budget. People with smaller businesses focus on getting results on social media without a colossal advertising budget. They need to test run ten different images or ten different videos because, one of them will perform several times better than the other. Then comes the call to action in your adverts and how you manage it.

B2B social media strategy for lead generation

Talking about business-to-business approaches, everything we do on any social media sites gets amplified if people engage with it. LinkedIn is the best-known platform for building professional relationships and it is imperative to have the list of an ideal audience who you will benefit from what you share on the it. Tony gets a real buzz from helping small businesses and recruitment teams build their social media presence and start seeing tangible business results within 90 days. To know more about his exclusive experience, tune into the Podcast.

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