How To Use Marketing Automation To Your Advantage | The Duct Tape Marketing Podcast [Video]

How To Use Marketing Automation To Your Advantage | The Duct Tape Marketing Podcast

In this episode of the Duct Tape Marketing Podcast, I interview Chase Buckner. Chase is the Director of Marketing at HighLevel, the all-in-one, white-label sales & marketing platform for agencies. Prior to joining the team at HighLevel, Chase and a partner built a full-service agency from scratch that grew to over 7-figures in ARR.

Key Takeaway:

Artificial intelligence and marketing automation isn’t something of the distant future anymore – and those who leverage these things today are seeing the benefits unfold. In this episode, I talk with Chase Buckner, Director of Marketing at HighLevel, about how businesses today can use marketing automation and artificial intelligence to their advantage to grow and scale.

Questions I ask Chase Buckner:

[1:32] What are some of the best ways you are seeing using the automation technology that’s available to us being used?
[3:24] How do business owners deal with the communication channel overwhelm today?
[5:07] How do we use AI without making it feel robotic?
[6:56] What advantage is there to the business that responds immediately or at least very quickly?
[8:37] I would suggest that SMS has actually become the preferred method of communication for a very large segment of the market and that if we’re not actually viewing that as a primary channel, we are probably missing out. What do you say to that idea?
[12:35] How are you finding agencies really standing out and differentiating themselves today?
[14:32] If I as an agency take the SaaS model – do I have to now have a support department for the clients that I bring on?
[16:35] How can people think about automated ways to scale?
[22:32] Where can people learn more about HighLevel and the work that you’re doing?

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