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How to use Facebook Ads to grow your CRM audience for Revenue [Video]

How to use Facebook Ads to grow your CRM audience for Revenue

What if you didn’t even need to run ads during Black Friday?
What if you didn’t have to play the game of competing with brands who can lose more than you could ever spend just to keep you out of the game?
What if instead of tanking your evergreen campaigns, to compete in a high cost battle for low-quality customers?
What if instead… we spent the time leading up to big sales periods to grow our CRM resources.

From email, to chatbot, SMS and more… building exclusivity through non-paid channels gives us an asset that matures in value. We can use these lists to drop offers before sales happen. We can rely on them to get us our “sales period” revenue potentially even before the official sale starts. Ideally, we can use this revenue to fund the ancillary efforts like awareness campaigns and production costs for creative, or even to acquire new inventory and improve CX.

02:00 Why is Discounting Products a really bad idea?
12:00 How to use Facebook Ads to grow your CRM audience for Revenue
22:00 Why should you run a Black Friday sale?

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