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How To Prospect On LinkedIn 2022 [Video]

How To Prospect On LinkedIn 2022

Getting new meetings today is actually easier than ever.

All you have to do now is STAND OUT.

That is it.

So many people are bombarded with spam and a ‘send all’ message.

People that literally take time out of their outreach to just say something unique and specific win!

If you’re prospecting on LinkedIn my advice to you is, don’t press send all, say something unique to stand out and also change the WAY you reach out too! If everyone is sending generic messages, try using video outreach.

A personalized video that you can’t fake will go a LONG way, trust me!

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Jake Dunlap, CEO and Founder of Skaled Consulting, is an industry influencer and C-Level Sales leader with more than a decade of experience. Jake has developed and led high-performing sales and operational functions for Fortune 500, Global 2000, and start-up organizations. Jake and the team at Skaled specialize in building out repeatable, sustainable processes.

As a thought-leader with more than 22,000 followers across his platforms, Jake’s audience gains valuable insights into scaling an organization, sales best practices, and general career motivation.

Prior to Skaled, Jake was the first sales hire and VP of Sales at Glassdoor which was acquired by Recruit Holdings for $1.2Billion in 2018.

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