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How To Promote Your YouTube Channel Free 2021 | YouTube Marketing Full Course Bangla 2021 | Class -5 [Video]

How To Promote Your YouTube Channel Free 2021 | YouTube Marketing Full Course Bangla 2021 | Class -5

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Today i discuss How To Promote Your YouTube Channel Free 2021 in my YouTube Marketing Full Course Bangla 2021
and also discuss How To Promote Your YouTube Channel Free 2021 and youtube video marketing bangla tutorial 2021, if you want Organic YouTube Video Promotion In Bangla this video fro you

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YouTube Marketing Hero - Build a Top YouTube Channel - learn Video & Mobile Marketing [Video]

link to this course Marketing Hero - Build a Top YouTube Channel - learn Video & Mobile MarketingBest Video & Mobile Marketing CourseStarts off with basics and leads you into a highly skilled YouTube marketer who can build massively successful channels.YouTube marketing and traffic generationInternet and digital marketing basics,Don't know anything about YouTube marketing? Don't worry. This is the course for you.,We start with no assumptions and take you through a step-by-step journey into the wonderful and highly profitable world of YouTube marketing.,We will show you the basic concepts of YouTube marketing and also show you what works and what does not work.,We'll guide you to the stepping stones and warn you about the pitfalls. You'll learn what it takes to build a winner YouTube channel no matter what your niche is.,This course is built by professional YouTube marketers. We've honed our skills on multiple YouTube channels and grown our traffic to over 100,000 viewers a day on our channels.,Join us and learn from real experience.,Digital marketersEnterepreneursSmall business ownersLocal business ownersContent marketers,Digital marketers,Enterepreneurs,Small business owners,Local business owners,Content marketers

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Sending clowns to hang around elementary schools proves to be a bad idea for a marketing campaign [Video]

The Speech Academy Asia, a public speaking program in Singapore, came up with the brilliant idea of sending clowns to hang around outside elementary schools and promote their offerings. Apparently they hoped the clowns would excite the kids so they'd encourage their parents to sign them up for the speech classes. Not surprisingly, the kids,

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The Philippines is still one of the top countries on social media, clocking in at 76 million users this year. Time spent daily on social media also soared in the Philippines, with the country spending the most time checking their accounts at 4 hours and 12 minutes, the fourth straight year its topped the list. Were also apparently on our phones a lot: 67 percent of online Filipinos access social media on their phone, higher than the global average of 42 percent.

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YouTube Marketing for LawyersCall For Consultation | (800) 587-0366 | www.GreatLawFirmLeads.comVideo on social media is proving to be the most powerful business asset for gaining new followers, growing your brand, and driving new client acquisition.And in this new world of social media, video content reigns supreme.Why Invest in Video on Social Media#1: It Gets More Exposure (+ More Engagement!)Why Invest in Video on Social Media #2: It Has a Longer Shelf LifeWhy Brands Should Invest in Video #3: It’s Growing in Popularity Across All ChannelsWhy Invest in Video on Social Media #4: It Appeals to a Gen Z AudienceWhy Invest in Video on Social Media #5: It Can Reach Audiences Across Multiple PlatformsWhy Invest in Video on Social Media #6: It’s a More Personable Way to Engage with Your AudienceWhy Invest in Video on Social Media #7: It’s a Powerful Sales Tool - If a picture can tell a thousand words, a video is worth at least a million.A study from Forrester Research reveals video is 50 times more likely to achieve organic page ranks in Google than plain text results.Part of this is because there is less competition among video than there is plain text, so it’s easier to rank well with video.On average, video content had an 11,000 to 1 chance of making it to the first page on Google, which doesn’t sound that impressive.But, in comparison to the 500,000 to 1 odds of the same for text-based content, it becomes much more attractive.WE GET YOUR VIDEOS ON PAGE ONE OF GOOGLE OR YOU DON'T PAYImproves engagement with your target audience with VIDEOPersuades potential clients that you’re the right law firm for the job93% of all US Desk Top Queries were handled by Google (source: Statista)YOU NEED TO BE FOUND ON GOOGLEVideo Search Results Have a Higher Click-through RateBeyond video helping sites rank, the video also allows people to click on results and go to your website.When compared to click through rates on plain text-based content, video click-through is 41% higher, so you’re getting more traffic to your website, increased brand awareness, and a better return on investment on your content creation efforts.WE DO ALL OF THE VIDEO CREATION FOR YOUR LAW FIRM!A recent survey showed that 54% of legal consumers consider a law firm’s social media activity when sourcing their attorney, with 40% saying that an attorney’s presence (or absence) on social media is part of their decision funnel.Facebook has 2.8 BILLION monthly active users.Twitter now has 126 Million DAILY active users.LinkedIn has 700 Million users.I was on a conference call this week with other legal marketing professionals. Another marketer brought up the fact that AFTER someone finds you on Google, 72% of people will check your Social Channels.Do your Social Channels qualify you as an expert in your practice areas.My clients are exactly that!For More Information call (800) 587-0366or visit us online at