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How To Harness Main Character Syndrome For Good, Per Experts [Video]

Sweat pours down my face. My thigh muscles ache as my sneakers pound the pavement. I want to give up, but I don’t. I can’t. So, I put on “Breathe” by Michelle Branch. By the time the chorus reaches its pinnacle—“If I just breathe…everything will be all right”—I’m in a full-out sprint. I’m the star of my own early-aughts rom-com in which, after the requisite heartbreak, self-discovery, and tear-filled reunion, everything really will be all right.

It’s both a privilege and a too-oft-untapped power to believe that it’ll work out—happily ever after—but having faith in the outcome allows me to have faith in my ability to get there. Now, whenever I run to a song that allows me to tap into what’s called “main character energy,” I feel myself increasing speed, improving form, even smiling between breaths. And all because I think, If I had an audience, what would I want them to see?

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