How To Grow A Community With Webinars – Nicole Gates [Video]

How To Grow A Community With Webinars – Nicole Gates

► Are webinars still a useful tool for marketing?

Nicole Gates is Director of Marketing @ Mongoose. She’s a B2B marketing leader who specialises in demand generation, creative content & social media campaigns, and building online communities for brands.

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🎧 Have a listen to Nicole & Sam as they discuss their experiences & give you incredibly valuable tips, tools and insights that you can utilise, to skyrocket your own sales & biz! – In this episode we cover:

👉 How do they build your community?
👉 What not to do
👉 Why they shouldn’t be just to get MQLs
👉 How to get the right guests
👉 How to get results from webinars step-by-step
👉 Do they generate a solid return in revenue?

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