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How Shivam Gupta Grew a 6-Figure Agency (From India) [Video]

How Shivam Gupta Grew a 6-Figure Agency (From India)

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Hey there! My name’s Michael Gardiner, and over the last 7 years I’ve started multiple successful agencies, including one which was acquired.
I created this channel to help people avoid the mistakes I made in the last 7+ years of my entrepreneurial journey and also to provide tactical information on how to grow your B2B business.

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#pardot #emailmarketing #emailmarketingcampaign #MCAEIn this episode, Ben LaMothe, Pardot Solutions Architect, shows us how to test Pardot form handlers before you connect them to a form endpoint.Explore additional Pardot Resources Here:* Learn More About Us * Welcome to DemandGen TV, your source for learning the methods and technologies for driving growth. Here you'll learn the leading marketing and sales technologies as well as the latest marketing strategies, best practices, and tools used by modern marketing practitioners. We regularly feature marketing solutions from Adobe, Salesforce, Microsoft, Oracle, HubSpot, to DemandBase, 6Sense, ZoomInfo, Sendoso, and more. Be sure to watch the episodes about our holistic model for digital transformation, known as the D3 Methodology. DemandGen TV is brought to you by the Demand Generation Group at BDO Digital, an award-winning digital transformation consultancy that provides strategic guidance and hands-on services to marketers around the world. We’re committed to keeping you up to date on the latest trends taking place in marketing. Be sure to subscribe and turn on notifications so you never miss an episode! * Learn More About Our Services * Need help driving growth and digital transformation in your organization? Check out BDO Digital’s services here: * Check out these other resources * BDO Digital’s Resources Hub: BDO Digital’s Blog: DemandGen Radio Podcast: Manufacturing Demand book: