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How Fortnite changed the way video games were marketed [Video]

The fundamentals of Growth

Before we get into Fortnite, let's take a quick look at a classic growth funnel:

First up, Awareness. This is about getting the word out there. Ads, cold emails, flyers, whatever it takes. Next, Conversion is about turning these passers-by into customers. Retention is giving customers a good time so they keep paying you. Referral is when your customers become fans and start selling your own product for you. And finally, Growth is what happens if you can get all four steps working.

Before Fortnite

Now, before Fortnite came along, 99% of video games companies had a “top-down” approach to growth. Awareness was the number one priority and nothing else really mattered.

Take a look at this graph showing interest over time of two of the biggest games of 2018:

They'd all splash the cash on a huge launch, sell 500 million dollars worth in the first week (85% of total sales), toast …

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