How Early Menopause Inspired Me to Create WellFemme [Video]

Happy 2020! I’m proud to start the year with the release of a new video for WellFemme’s Homepage.

Now visitors to our website can hear how my own experience of early menopause and its debilitating symptoms prompted me to develop WellFemme, Australia’s first dedicated Telehealth menopause clinic.


There will be lots of exciting new developments for WellFemme this year with plans to deliver regular menopause workshops via Facebook, interactive webinars and also in person.

Please follow our Facebook page for details, and let your friends know about WellFemme too. Together we can make sure that every Australian woman has access to quality menopause care by 2025.

Warmest wishes, Dr Kelly Teagle


What is WellFemme About?

If you can’t find the professional help you need for your perimenopausal symptoms then book a Telehealth consultation with an expert WellFemme menopause doctor.

Not sure if Telehealth is for you? Free trial consultationsare available to find out how WellFemme can help …

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