HOP TO IT: How to Grow and Scale with Marketing Automation [Video]

HOP TO IT: How to Grow and Scale with Marketing Automation

According to The State of Marketing Automation Report, only 55% of respondents are using marketing automation. And while virtually all agree that effective marketing automation is critical to long-term business success, less than 10% feel their business is using its platform to full capacity.

Marketing automation allows you to deliver a flexible, all-encompassing brand experience that brings you closer to your customers — and your business goals. Whether you already have a marketing automation solution or are looking to get started, this webinar will demonstrate how to promote scalable growth by leveraging actionable data that drives your marketing and sales initiatives.

In this webinar, you will learn how to use marketing automation to:

• Create unique, personalized, and scalable customer experiences
• Develop holistic growth strategies across every channel and every funnel stage
• Extend the customer lifecycle by delivering at critical touchpoints beyond the point of sale

And, of course, we’ll showcase proven approaches and results from successful marketing automation customer use cases.

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