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Google Ads: 17 Clicks No Conversions [Video]

Google Ads: 17 Clicks No Conversions

Promoting a janitorial company on Google needs to separate thoughts. #1 Getting the click for as little as possible. #2 Getting page interaction to re-target.

Hi, I’m Emil a Digital Strategist & I answer marketing questions. This is ep 38 in the #AskEmil Series

✅ Google Ads for janitorial tips
✅ How to solve PPC problems early
✅ What a small local business should expect

17 Clicks clicks but no conversions (LA-based janitorial co.)

Today’s question is from Reddit:

0:00 Intro
0:08 Full Question
0:33 What I cover in this video
1:00 Variable 1 for no conversions
1:38 Factors to consider in your Google Ads Campaign
2:29 My janitorial Google Ads experience
4:42 My landing page issues
5:37 How I improved my LP
8:13 Post improvement results

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How to Use Google's New "Performance Max" Campaigns Inside of Google Ads [Video]

Google launched Performance Max campaigns, which will be the next generation Smart Shopping and Local campaigns. Watch this video to know exactly what it is and how it works.Google has a large inventory that can be used to reach a lot of people. Advertisers reach a decent portion of this inventory, but the vast majority is not reached for various reasons.The solution is automation, which allows you to maximize the effectiveness of Google Ads while also achieving a higher return on investment (ROI).Performance Max campaigns leverage your automation efforts to significantly increase the number of customers who see your Google Ads and drive more conversions based on your goals. It accomplishes this by optimizing Google Ads across multiple platforms, including YouTube, Display, Search, Discover, Gmail, and Google Maps.In fact, Google reported that advertisers who use Performance Max campaigns see a 13% increase in total incremental conversions at a similar cost per action.In this video, Kasim discusses what you need to know about Performance Max campaigns, what we learned from the beta set up last year, and a step-by-step guide on how you can set one up on your account.0:00 Intro0:35 What are Performance Max campaigns?1:36 What excites us the most with this new "Performance Max" campaign2:00 How to build a new "Performance Max" campaignEverything you need to know about Google Ads for eCommerce: we built a Performance Max campaign during the beta period: Ads Help:Drive conversions across Google’s ad channels with Performance Max campaigns: Max campaigns launch to all advertisers article: 👉 Get our latest content every Monday, straight to your inbox. Sign up for our news “Traffic Ahead”: --------------------------------------------------Get the latest updates, expert tips, best practices, and PROVEN Google Ads strategies every single day. Subscribe here: Videos:Why isn't my Google Ads campaign performing?! - sneaky ways to use paid traffic to steal from your competitors - to calculate your profit inside of Google Ads - Ads Playlist:👉 Want to become a Google Ads expert? We've demystified how Google works, and laid out everything you need to know in Google Ads–from scratch!Learn how to build, launch and manage high-performing Google Ads campaigns in our STEP-BY-STEP Google Ads Course: 👉 8 is a global authority in the Google Ads space and one of the world's leading PPC agencies. Our YouTube channel is dedicated to sharing our most effective marketing strategies to help you achieve your business goals.--------------------------------------------------👉 WOULD LIKE TO SCALE AND GROW YOUR BUSINESS WITH PPC?Sign up for a FREE Action Plan today: ⬇️️ You can find us here ⬇️️:Website:

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Mentor Breakout Session: Managing STEAM Teams [Video]

How can you harness the skills of many (sometimes hundreds or thousands) of STEAM professionals to create new and amazing projects? These mentors explore ways to manage plans and people to achieve these goals. Delve into the skills and experience that help them to lead their teams.

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Google Ads (formerly known as Google AdWords), is Google’s advertising system in which advertisers bid on certain keywords in order for their clickable ads to appear in the Google Search Results. And since Web Advertisers and Online Marketers have to pay for these Clicks, this is how Search Engines like Bing and Google make money from these SERPs. Learn more about that in detail here:, #GoogleAdWords, #SearchResults-------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------Follow us for more through;-------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------Website in Email -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------Our video trailers, reviews & teasers are for the purposes of affiliate marketing, advertisements & promotion purposes only. If you find any of your videos listed herein, please do not hesitate to Contact Us or Consult with Us. We'll be glad to resolve any disputes arising in a more professional manner. Thank you for watching!

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