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Facebook & Instagram Advertising Basics For Health Professionals [Video]

Facebook & Instagram Advertising Basics For Health Professionals

Are you struggling to get consistent NEW clients into your healthcare business?

One of the best solutions we’ve found is effective social media ads (specifically Facebook and Instagram). When you run these ads correctly your problems change from not having clients, to figuring out how you’re going to help all the eager people wanting to book in (a much better problem we think 😎).

This video covers the fundamental steps behind using facebook and instagram advertising to attract more new clients than you know what to do with. James goes in-depth on the way you need to think about plan your ads – starting backwards with the end in mind, understanding the $ equation, coming up with and extraordinary offer and finally delivering it in an attention grabbing way that makes the viewer stop and take action to become a client (following the AIDA formula).

If you are a health professional who has been wondering how to start making ads on platforms like instagram and facebook this is for you.

As always questions are welcome (this topic has a lot more depth than we could address in one video, but if you want to know more please comment and let us know what you want to learn about – so we can create more helpful videos for you!).

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00:00 Why You Need Facebook And Instagram Ads For Your Health Practice
01:42 Step 1: Understand The $ Equation
02:22 Step 2: Create An AMAZING (ie relevant) Offer
03:19 What Clients Want To Know About You
04:31 Step 3: Make It Stand Out
05:00 A.I.D.A Structure For Effective Ad Building
07:06 Start With The END In Mind
08:44 Filtering Out Bad Clients – Know Who’s A FIT
09:36 Most Common Client STRUGGLES With Ads
09:52 Ultimate Goal = Client Financed Acquisition
10:42 How To Work With Us

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