Evergreen Value Creation in Technology Companies [Video]

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Fun with Canva | Astro Marketing Webinar [Video]

I want to preface this by saying that this is not a paid or sponsored advertisement for Canva, nor is it an approved demo of how to use their software. This webinar topic was requested by one of our Marketing Suite subscribers. They wanted to know how I was creating images and content for our Image Library and Astro Templates. Well, I use Canva and I love it!Canva is highly intuitive, so it's very simple to create your own images and designs when needed. They also have a free version of their membership. Canva makes it very easy for content creators to share their designs with others as templates so those designs can then be imported and edited under other Canva accounts. Every month I share a new template consisting of pet holiday-themed images, and I add a link to this template to the Marketing Suite Template Library so our Marketing Suite subscribers have access to bonus content that they can brand with their own logos and info. I show exactly where I put these links in the webinar.Astro Marketing Webinar recorded September 15, 2021. Register for future webinars via Send in your requests for Webinar Topics to Loyalty Links: & their Loyalty Programs on Astro -