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Day 3 – Blogging Business Challenge Live Replay: EMAIL MARKETING FOR BEGINNERS – Strategy + Tips [Video]

Day 3 – Blogging Business Challenge Live Replay: EMAIL MARKETING FOR BEGINNERS – Strategy + Tips

Day 3 – Blogging Business Challenge Live Replay: EMAIL MARKETING FOR BEGINNERS – Strategy + Tips. Email communication is what takes your blogging efforts to the next level! GReat email marketing tutorial for beginners to learn why you need an email list, how to set up an email list and email provider I recommend most. Plus email marketing questions answered.

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Per our live today, here are a few links I mentioned I’d give you. Please let me know if I am forgetting any!

Some of these are affiliate links which means down the line if you ever decide to invest in a paid plan, I would get a small commission for referring you. I never refer people to anything I haven’t used and loved!

ConvertKit- The email provider I use and love for years! They have a free plan up to 1k subscribers and no need to give any credit card info.

Interact Quiz Maker- I have used and loved this for quizzes and it is what a lot of the pros use for their quiz software. Free trials available. (affiliate link)

LeadPages – For high converting landing pages and pop-ups. This is what I use currently. Free 14-day trial available- (affiliate link)

Freebie ideas video:

Step-by-step WordPress Blog Set Up:​​

Day 3: [Email] Marketing your blog

While a blog helps you:

1. Get noticed online
2. Establishes your authority
3. And gets your message and knowledge out into the world.

Email communication is what takes your blogging efforts to the next level!

It helps you convert random blog visitors into conscious subscribers (aka leads), connect with your audience on a more intimate level, and sell your products/services with confidence.

But, do you really need both? 100 percent, yes!!! When you combine blogging with email marketing, the power of blogging is multiplied.

But like every successful plan, your email marketing should have a strategy behind it.

You first need a free gift (A content upgrade or something that provides a quick win) to get people on your email list. AKA freebie, lead magnet, opt-in

You can share this free gift:

Within your blog posts
Below the header
In your footer
On the sidebar
As a pop-up

Once someone signs up to be on your email list, you HAVE to stay in touch with them through a series of emails to build a know/like/trust factor, and then down the line share the BEST way to learn more from you (aka your course/product)

Your Day 3 Homework:

1. What free gift/quick win can you offer your readers that they can access, consume, and implement immediately? Share your thoughts. Check out this video for some ideas.

2. An email list is essential for your business to grow and make money. If you don’t have an email provider for collecting and sending bulk emails, click the link to learn more and sign up for a completely free plan (referral link) with ConvertKit – the email provider that I use and have loved for years!

No credit card required and no catch. You can add up to 1,000 subscribers with this free plan and send email broadcasts until you get to a point where you want to upgrade! Perfect for beginners!

Post what email marketing platform you are using or that you signed up with today. Taking action will help you move forward quickly, so choose a free or paid plan on the platform of your choice and get started 🤩

3. If you started this challenge without a blog, have you set yours up yet? Yes/No? If yes, what platform is your blog on? If no, what day do you commit to doing it?

If you answered no, set aside 20 minutes to do this. Search #Training in the FB group or go to for the video training.

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