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Create Bookable Services with Mailchimp Appointments [Video]

Create Bookable Services with Mailchimp Appointments

The new Mailchimp Appointments feature allows you to offer online scheduling so that customers can book appointments with you, both virtually and in-person, right from your Mailchimp website. By using Appointments in conjunction with other Mailchimp features from our smart marketing platform, you can launch your brand, find new customers, and now accept and track appointments all from one place.

In this webinar, we will:
– Introduce you to our new Appointments feature
– Show you how to set up and manage appointments with a Mailchimp website
– Detail best practices + next steps for how to share appointments with your audience

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The Ultimate Industrial Outreach Strategy: Hit The Ground Running With Email Marketing [Video]

Are you new to email marketing and don't know where to start? Learn how to get started with cold email outreach to win NEW customers in this video brought to you by IndustrySelect and Mailshake!Learn how to use IndustrySelect with Mailshake and discover some best practices such as prepping your sending list, creating a campaign, crafting the perfect subject line and much more!

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Direct Mail vs Email Marketing [Video]

Direct Mail vs Email Marketing - Should you do direct mail or email marketing what is the truth and how can you use these 2 business business marketing streams to make more money in leverager business.A lot of people wonder if they should do email marketing along with their direct mail marketing and in this video I will share with you the truth about whether or not email marketing and direct mail marketing go Together.0:10 Direct Mail vs Email MarketingIf you think the direct mail is in competition with email marketing then you are already off to the wrong start and you need to rethink your business mentality.Because the reality is that email marketing is a great way to follow up with your customers after your initial piece of advertising.So if you think about it email marketing and direct mail marketing are the perfect combination to allow you to save money on your postcard or direct mail marketing campaigns.And the way it saves you money is because you can collect people's name email and phone number so that you can follow up with them without having to spend more money on more marketing material.By having an email auto responder you can send out one email to thousands of interested leads and get them to call you without you having to call them.This is The Secret to direct mail versus email marketing and Y the 2 together are so powerful.Again you are able to save money on postcard marketing or direct mail marketing costs by being able to remark it to the same people that said that they were interested.I hope you learn more about email marketing and how to use it for your direct mail business if you need help to apply email marketing for your direct mail business then click the link in the description below.When you do you will visit my postcard direct mail marketing training and be able to join my team where I teach you exactly how to successfully run direct mail marketing campaigns.I will be honest with you direct mail marketing is not the cheapest way to advertise your business so if you are going to use direct mail it is very very important that you optimize your sales funnel and that you optimize your business so that you can make the most money possible and reduce the amount of money that you are spending on advertising.Another great secret to direct mill advertising is to be able to sell a product or a few products that are worth a few $1000 so that you can cover your cost of advertising.Thank you for watching this video about direct email versus email marketing if you got value please like subscribe comments and hit the download vacations for future videos.Do you want to learn how to successfully build a postcard business from homeDiscover how me and my girlfriend were able to make $300 checks sent directly to our mailbox by simply following a 3 step direct mail marketing program#directmailvsemailmarketing