Brands on Fire: IKEA – Chief Marketer [Video]

Our monthly analysis of the world’s top brands and the marketing moves that are setting them apart.

Yes, it’s true: The print version of the Ikea catalog is no more. The furnishings retailer will publish what it’s describing as a tribute to the iconic book in the fall to commemorate the catalog’s 70th anniversary, but other than that it has ceased what had been one of its most wide-reaching marketing tools.

Fortunately, Ikea has plenty more channels and campaigns to compensate for the absence of a print catalog. And many of them tie into one of the major reasons the company has ceased producing the catalog: a renewed focus on sustainability.

Selling sustainability

It might seem ironic that a company known for products just one step removed from disposable is making sustainability one of its selling points. Yet several years ago Ikea announced its goal to be fully “circular,”with every product designed to be reused, …

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