Branding & Marketing Series for Restaurant Episode 23 [Video]

Branding & Marketing Series for Restaurant Episode 23

Customer Relationship Management can be defined as the strategies and practices to analyse and manage customer interactions and data. Its primary purpose is to improve relationships with the customers which in turn leads to customer loyalty and business growth. There are a lot of CRM software which helps with retaining the customer but I am not going to talk about that.

Let’s focus on how we can measure consumer satisfaction. There are two critical ways to do that – by establishing appropriate expectations and then delivering those expectations. For example: You can ask questions like were the order taken promptly, how long did you have to wait for your food and so on. Giving a customer review paper at the end would help the restaurant to understand where they are doing great and where they need to improve.

You might ask, what’s the reason that makes the customer dissatisfied and there are multiple reasons. First is the communication gap which simply means overstating the offering. If you say that there is a discount on the food menu and when you go to the restaurant, they say that the offering has expired; that counts as a communication gap.

Similarly, the next one is knowledge gap which means not understanding customer’s needs. As mentioned in the earlier videos, you need to do market research before opening a restaurant. You need to understand who the target audience is and what they want. If you open a restaurant and customers aren’t coming, that suggests a knowledge gap on your part.

Third one is the standard gap. There is also an expectation attached while going to a restaurant. We expect the waiting time to be low in a fast food restaurant; we expect the service to be phenomenal while in a fine dining restaurant and so on. If the restaurant can not meet those standards, the customers will be dissatisfied.

Last one is the delivery gap which simply means failing to meet performance standards. This is mostly related to the human resources department. You need to make sure that the staff are doing the best of their abilities. What this means is that the waiters are being friendly, the cook is making the best dishes, the manager is keeping track of all the inventories and many more. When the whole system is not running properly, that’s when the restaurant fails.

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Branding & Marketing Series for Restaurant Episode 23

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