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Backcountry Camping in British Columbia | Whitewater Rafting | Cooking, Baking, Fishing, Nature [Video]

Backcountry Camping in British Columbia | Whitewater Rafting | Cooking, Baking, Fishing, Nature

In this video 2 dads and 3 sons raft down the beautiful Kootenay River in British Columbia.

We cook delicious food and even attempt baking a backcountry chocolate cake.

I am so grateful we get to provide these experiences for our kids. They spent hours fishing, spotted 20 bald eagles and played like kids are designed to outside in nature.



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Guide for GHL and SMS IT Integration [Video]

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B2B Sales Pipeline | Get 20% More Sales By Following Up Your Closed Lost Deals [Video]

B2B Sales Pipeline - An area of B2B sales that is often overlooked is the importance of having a structured follow-up cadence for your Closed Lost deals. Remember that these are people who have been interested enough to listen to your sales presentation but have decided to use another provider or product. Unfortunately, this happens and is often down to price, but I have seen around 20% of this "lost" work come back into the pipeline again by having a follow up process for the following 6 months after losing the deal. Why? because people constantly get let down by other providers, the delivery they were promised does not live up to expectations or, if you did a well structured presentation, they realise that you were the best fit after all. So don;t give up on them after you have invested all that effort.Find out how effective your sales pipeline is by using our free diagnostic tool and scorecard to assess where you are now and your next steps towards growing your B2B business - Click below for free access and get your score: can also visit my website for more resources, blog posts, guides and checklists to help you digitally transform and grow your business to £1m.Finally - Get social with me and IGC and involved in the conversation by:Subscribing to the IGC YouTube channel here: IGC on Twitter here: to IGC on LinkedIn here:

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#ONPASSIVE "See How an Artificial Intelligence Induced Chat Bot can Help your Business Grow" [Video]

#ONPASSIVE #RedRedfern #AshMufareh #OnlineIncomeLIKE | COMMENT | SHARE | SUBSCRIBEONPASSIVE is an IT( Informational Technology ) company integrated with the best AI ( artificial Intelligence ) focused on building a total business solution. The organization aims to bring innovation, deliver value, and maximise business potential with less effort & more impact.ONPASSIVE provides exceptional AI solutions and services that adhere to globally acknowledged standards and ground-breaking technology trends. Businesses can leverage our platform and attain business objectives, thus driving them to success. For more information on how #ONPASSIVE can benefit you as an individual or a business of any size click one of the links below or reach out to me For on overview of what ONPASSIVE can offer you go here 👉 register go here and put in an email address👉 our Facebook group 👉 you have enjoyed this video please LIKE , SHARE AND SUBSCRIBE