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Automation integration in active campaign for email marketing|part-8 [Video]

Automation integration in active campaign for email marketing|part-8

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In this tuitorial
Email marketing?
why Email marketing?
Active campaign form creation.
Form install in webpage.
Automation integrate with active campaign for email marketing.

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Email Marketing

How to Schedule CronJobs to Send Email Notifications — Python Task Automation with CronJobs (part 2) [Video]

Hello Everyone! My name is Andrew Fung, in this video, I will be showing you how to automate your everyday web scraping tasks with beautiful soup and schedule it to run on a regular basis with cron jobs on Mac. In this second episode, I will be firstly using the web scraping script that we have written in the first episode, then create a function for sending email notifications to our mailboxes, and finally, setting up cron jobs to run this task periodically and on a regular basis.Problem statement: I am currently on a waitlist in my uni's hall application, and my waitlist can be found from the university webpage's pdf link, which will be updated at the same time every week. Thus, I will run a cron job to fetch my waitlist position one hour after the weekly update from the web page and send me an email of my new position.#taskautomation #cronjob #python #webscraping #beautifulsoupInstallation and Setup!Replit: https://replit.comGMail App passwords: error and solution: scheduling and naming conventions: https://crontab.guruSource code for this project: out my Github!​ | Intro2:58 | Run Part 1 Locally4:41 | Creating a Virtual Environment7:50 | Send Email with smtp15:11 | Setting Up Cron Jobs24:55 | Out tro-------------------------------Feel free to drop a like and comment if you enjoy and video and let me know if you want me to do other types of programming videos ;) !!!

Email Marketing

Fiverr Gig- I will build your automated email campaign [Video]

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Email Marketing

In this on-demand webinar BrainSell and SugarCRM took a deeper look into Sugar Market. We covered: - The difference between email marketing vs. marketing automation tools.- When it is time to consider Marketing Automation for your business.- The value of integrating a marketing automation platform with your CRM system.- And a live demo of Sugar Market!

Email Marketing

In this video, you’ll learn how to upgrade or downgrade your Websites and Commerce plan. In addition to your Marketing plan, you’ll have access to Mailchimp’s Websites & Commerce plans, which are great for product and service merchants who want to get the most out of their online business. Mailchimp’s free Websites & Commerce plan includes all of the basics you need to start selling online even if you have just one product to start your online business.But at some point, you may want access to additional features to run your online store, like connecting a custom domain and saving on transaction fees per sale. For that, you’ll need to upgrade to the Core or Plus plan. For more information on Mailchimp’s pricing plans,, check out our guides and tutorials.Be the first to see our newest videos! Subscribe to the Mailchimp channel: Mailchimp:Facebook: