Agency Q & A: Automation Tools, Client Revenues, Revenue Share, Sales Calls, Lead Cost, Cold Calling [Video]

Agency Q & A: Automation Tools, Client Revenues, Revenue Share, Sales Calls, Lead Cost, Cold Calling

Weekly Q & A

Topics include:

* Looking for suggestions on marketing automation tools?
What everyone is using here?

* During the fact-finding part of the process, it would be useful for me to know how much revenue the prospect brings in per year, but I feel that’s too forward a question. Am I being ridiculous? Does anybody else ask this?

* When people tell you:
“If you’re so sure that you’re program is going to work and bring me 5/6/7-figures/months, why don’t you work with me first and let me pay you when I get those results?”

* What is your process for communication between Account Managers, SEO, and PPC teams so everyone has visibility as to what’s going on with all accounts? Is there something specific you all do that allows you to be proactive and not reactive? Thanks!

* Has anyone tried a financial incentive to book appointments with a potential client? I.e. we will offer you a $25 Amazon card for a 20 minute strategy session. that does sound a little ‘cheap’ for my brand. I personally have been reached out to by some companies with that offer so I’m not sure how I feel about it. it’s basically replacing your lead magnet with cash/gift card.

* Need some advice –
I am currently generating leads at $7/lead through Facebook ads.
But my lead to meeting ratio is pretty low. Out of 8 to 9 leads I get one meeting. Do you guys have any advice to increase the number of meetings I can squeeze from my leads?
If anyone is running Facebook ads, please tell me if this is normal or not?

* Which social media platform are you using to market your business?

* Can somebody recommend a book/ training or resources that will help a total newbie with cold calling. Specifically with scripts or frameworks not to necessarily sell on a first call but gauge interest and potentially invite to a meeting or webinar for further information.
I have no sales background so for me I’m sure there are some seasoned sales people here who can hopefully point me in the right direction.

* Friends, my CTR has been very low, only 0.9 what should I do, please help me

* I want to run Facebook ads for my web development agency. How do I Target the right demographic? Please help me.

* Do we need a client to have an active FB business page with regular content in order to run a successful FB ads campaign?

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